Metal forming & stamping ERP & MES systems

Handle every stage of the fabrication process

Regardless of whether your manufacturing operation is machining parts in short runs, or stamping thousands of parts per minute, IQMS metal forming & stamping ERP and MES system software provides the features and functionality to ensure you can stay lean, agile and profitable.

Able to handle every step in the production and fabrication process, IQMS manufacturing software has delivered solutions to metal punching, stamping, casting, brazing, shearing and spinning businesses.

With IQMS you get a single environment for all your ERP, manufacturing, MES and supply chain requirements delivered through one set of tables in an embedded Oracle database. All transactions and events are updated instantly throughout the entire system in real-time. As one, comprehensive and unified ERP system, EnterpriseIQ eliminates the need for multiple, disparate systems and the associated costs of integration, support and maintenance.

Benefits to your metal forming & stamping manufacturing business

  • Designed and developed specifically for the metal and stamping sector
  • Automatic conversion of units of measure means quantities are accurate every time
  • Manage raw materials, waste and start-up scrap for accurate inventory control, price factoring and improved operating margins
  • Unlimited, pre-defined multi-level and industry-specific BOMs enable progressive stamping dies, plus multiple and substitute BOMs for the same part number
  • IQMS handles family tooling and multiple part numbers within the same physical tool
  • Track, schedule and manage preventative maintenance schedules for tools and dies
  • Eliminate unplanned and unnecessary downtime
  • Deliver accurate and real-time scheduling and planning – all in real-time
  • Minimise inventory costs and maximise plant floor throughput
  • End-to-end supply chain tracking and traceability
  • World class infrastructure for managing growth and changes to your business.

Designed and developed for businesses of any size, from large, enterprise-scale manufacturers or as an ERP system for small and medium sized businesses.

Proximity is a certified IQMS reseller and provides IQMS implementation services across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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