Food and Beverage Manufacturing Software

Products and solutions from Infor help 1,500 food and beverage manufacturers in over 90 countries across the world effectively manage complex challenges including tank scheduling, country of origin labelling, traceability and recipe management.

With the most comprehensive solution in the market dedicated to solving unique challenges of the food industry, Infor can ensure efficient and effective management of shelf-life, yield, disassembly planning, attribute management and complete asset management.

Customers using Infor Food & Beverage solutions typically report 10-15% productivity improvement which helps to keep costs down and margins up.¬†What’s more, integrated product lifecycle management means that product innovation has never been faster and compliance never been easier. No customer using Infor Optiva has ever had a labeling-related compliance failure.

There are many business challenges for food and beverage manufacturers, which are driven by the unique nature of the sector in which both supply and demand are highly variable.

  • Product innovation: food and beverage manufacturers need to continually launch new products to remain relevant, attract consumers and secure shelf space.
  • Service excellence: many ingredients are only available at certain times of the year. Most have limited shelf life. Many finished products can exhibit the same characteristics, for example, turkeys for Christmas which need to be planned and stock built. Promotions can create spikes in demand that are difficult to forecast and plan for, including the purchase of raw materials and packaging, production and distribution capacity.
  • Quality and compliance: the delivery of poor quality products can mean penalties, chargebacks and dissatisfied consumers. A recall is a worst-case scenario for many manufacturers, which can not only cost you financially but severely damage your brand. Manufacturers are constantly faced with new regulations – and not only in domestic markets. In addition, you need to ensure financial compliance in each international market.
  • Operating costs, yield and margin: rising raw material costs, labour and energy costs can significantly impact profit margins. A small change in yield can often result in a large change in profit. In a sector where profit margins are often small, it is essential to monitor and manage costs and margins closely.

Food & Beverage products

Infor Food & Beverage software solutions deliver all the right ingredients so that you can manage all your critical business processes. Customers using Infor Food & Beverage report 10-15% productivity improvements that keep their costs down and margins up.

ERP software

Infor LX & Infor BPCS provides a comprehensive process manufacturing system covering manufacturing methods, including made to stock, made to order, configure to order, assemble to order, batch, repetitive, flow and Lean manufacturing.

Supply Chain Management

Accelerate growth by optimising your supply chain from initial forecasting all the way through to production and final customer delivery. Infor SCM suite includes Advanced Scheduling, Advanced Planning, Demand Planning and S&OP.

Product Lifecycle Management

Remain competitive by developing new products quickly, producing them using the best possible formula and maintain full compliance with all regulatory requirements using Infor Optiva PLM. Integrates with your ERP system regardless of vendor.

Enterprise Asset Management

Infor EAM, a highly flexible enterprise asset management system features industry-rich functionality enabling improved plant and equipment performance by eliminating unplanned downtime, reducing energy waste, and improving compliance.

CloudSuite: Food & Beverage

CloudSuite: Food & Beverage is a complete ERP product for managing operations, finances, supply chain and compliance all delivered in the Cloud. Industry-rich functionality designed specifically for food and beverage manufacturers. Fast and flexible deployment.

CloudSuite: Process Manufacturing

Flexible formula management encompassing solubility and total yield; accurate resize of formulas to scale using percentages and based on production needs; plus full formulation revision history form just part of Infor CloudSuite Process Manufacturing.

Specialised for the food & beverage industry

Infor has customers in every major food and beverage sector:

  • Used by six out of the top ten brewers worldwide.
  • 95 billion bottles of beer brewed every year.
  • Process 400,000 tonnes of salmon every year.
  • Six million tonnes of chocolate produced annually.


Manage beverage specific issues such as tank scheduling, capacity planning, shelf life handling, delivery forecasting, plant maintenance and complete supply chain traceability efficiently and effectively.


Streamline the management of the most complex variables in dairy manufacturing – all the way from production planning for short shelf life to multifaceted scheduling. Infor has in-built tools to optimise production right across your business.

Meat, poultry & fish

Optimise yields; maintain full product traceability; manage shelf-life and expiry; ensure fod safety across your entire value chain; and determine planning right down to the hour and minute to streamline operations and control costs.

Food ingredients

Improve lot tracking and get instant electronic access to accurate upstream and downstream records of raw materials, production data and deliveries, while at the same time see how all transactions are linked together.


Manage planning down to the hour and minute to ensure production line up-time. Infor enables short shelf life and expiry management, direct store deliveries, returnable container management and full supply chain traceability amongst many others.


Solutions designed to provide you with control, visibility and full traceability across your supply chain and at the same time enable you to optimise demand forecasting and production planning capabilities without compromising quality.



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