Chemicals ERP software: delivering a catalyst for efficiency and growth

Understand the state of your business so you can adjust supply, manufacturing operations & distribution to meet customer demand

Infor provides on-premise and Cloud-based manufacturing ERP software  which has been designed and developed to meet the challenges of the chemicals industry.

Chemicals companies face an increasingly global supply chain; higher R&D costs (and complexity); environmental initiatives impacting procurement and operations; and more competition as bulk producers move into higher margin markets.

Purpose-built software, including Infor LX and CloudSuite Process Manufacturing help solve issues such as the planning of co-products and by-products; formula matching and optimisation; tank scheduling; and global, regional and customer regulatory requirements. Feature highlights include:

  • Flexible and powerful formula management system, which makes it easy to change formulas, build formulas that take into account solubility and total yield, resize formulas so you can produce batches based on percentages / production needs rather than just quantity amounts
  • Ability to accurately resize formulas to scale using percentages and based on production needs
  • Maintain a full formulation revision history, which gives you the ability to recall formulas and place them back into production
  • Batch management functionality which enables you to respond to seasonal changes and / or add new raw materials to formulas
  • Report in batch production quantities so you can issue materials quickly and efficiently
  • Powerful lot and serial traceability, which enables you to track and trace lots all the way from original raw material to customer receipt.



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