Stream Go logistics software provides significant benefits to furniture retailer

By managing their deliveries with Stream, Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) has:

  • Immediate response to order enquiries through real-time order tracking
  • Fast and easy access to proof of deliveries
  • Increased customer satisfaction by delivering accurate and timely updates to customers
  • Automated email communications
  • GLTC specific customer notifications
  • Reports now take minutes, not days

Launched in 1997 and Winner of Best Children’s Retailer 2012, 2013 and 2014 at the ECMOD Direct Commerce awards, Great Little Trading Company (GLTC) was established with one clear vision: to help parents create happy, organised homes for their families. Known for their range of classic children’s toys and toy storage, the company has expanded its range over the years to include room accessories, room furniture and children’s beds.

As sales of their bedroom furniture range expanded, it was becoming more and more important for GLTC to automate internal processes and gain greater insight into their order and delivery systems to enable their online retail operation to flourish. GLTC already had a fulfilment system, but it did not provide insight into their order tracking and did not integrate with third party providers.

Following a series of internal workshops and meetings with their third party partners, it was agreed that the following issues required urgent attention.

These issues included:

  • Clear view of stock items and its valuation held at third party logistics providers
  • Real-time visibility and traceability of orders
  • Increase the speed of resolution of customer order queries
  • Online access to proof of delivery
  • Enhanced management of transport costs
  • Eliminate paper work

Having worked with Stream Go logistics & delivery management software through one of their partners, Scandinavian House, GLTC could see how the system could help them meet their specific business objectives. Working in partnership with GLTC, Proximity configured Stream Go to:

  • Provide complete real time visibility and traceability of orders and associated events
  • Deliver order management through a web browser designed and branded for GLTC
  • Produce reports of the stock items planned and/or stock items despatched over specific periods to help with stock management
  • Automate emails generated against any event, for example order dispatched from the warehouse
  • Manage delivery prices based on destinations


Better customer service as GLTC has a 360o view of orders enabling customer service staff to answer the majority of queries immediately. Issues can be dealt with quickly with no call back or hunt for information.

  • Minimised admin time and reduced errors through seamless integration with third parties
  • Improved customer satisfaction as Stream Go delivers accurate and timely information to GLTC and their partners
  • Streamlined internal order management processes.


Delivery TMS system. IBM i / AS400

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Managing deliveries with Stream
How GLTC improved customer service with Stream Go

GLTC (Great Little Trading Company) use Stream to manage their deliveries. Stream has enabled them to improve customer service, with full visibility and traceability over their orders, automated customer emails, and accurate and timely information for both GLTC and their partners. This makes it easy for customer service staff to deal with issues quickly and answer the majority of queries immediately.

Using Stream, GLTC has:
  • Real-time order tracking
  • Fast & easy access to proof of delivery
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Automated email communications
  • Customer notifications
  • Improved reporting speed