11th February 2021

DELMIAWORKS Manufacturing ERP: Why choose Proximity as your partner?


Choosing an ERP for a manufacturing business is a lot like buying a house. When going to view a house you may have an hour to have a look around (and you may go visit a couple of times for second viewings) gather all the information you need before deciding whether you want to commit to living there for the next ten to fifteen years. 

When choosing an ERP for manufacturing, it is incredibly difficult to run a trial of the software alongside the existing (and often very complex) operations and processes that you have in place. 

As a result you will often spend a few hours in discovery workshops, a day or two watching an in-person demonstration and asking questions, before deciding whether this software is the right one to support your business for the next ten to fifteen years and beyond.

This makes it crucial to not only select the right software, but also to choose the right company to help you implement and support your manufacturing ERP. 

In this post we’ll cover the reasons why Proximity has the best team to help implement DELMIAWORKS Manufacturing ERP (formerly IQMS) for your business. 

Manufacturing Specialists Implementing Manufacturing ERP Software

When you choose Proximity to implement DELMIAWORKS for your business, you’re not only getting a team of experts in configuring ERP systems for the manufacturing industry. You’re getting a team of manufacturing specialists who know the ins and outs of manufacturing processes and workflows, who understand the niches in which DELMIAWORKS works best and who have a wealth of experience in implementing ERP systems for many different manufacturing businesses. 

Having a team who have worked on the shopfloor in manufacturing has given us insight into the problems people face on a day to day basis and areas that improvements can be made in order to boost the efficiency of the manufacturing process. 

When a manufacturer comes to us with a problem, we’re able to easily configure DELMIAWORKS to address the problem that they’re facing. If instead we were working with a system where the manufacturing functionality was an add-on, or an integration, then we’d need to work within the limitations of that particular software and alter the manufacturing process accordingly.


Support from Manufacturing Specialists

One of the great benefits of having a team of seasoned manufacturing specialists implementing your ERP system is your access to their knowledge from their past experience. 

Whilst they’re not going to sit there and tell you how to run your business, they will be able to draw on examples from their own experience and make recommendations that can help to improve your processes and make your business run more efficiently. 

Over 570 years’ collective experience

We know it’s a bit cliche as every business loves to boast the years of experience that their team has, but when the numbers are this great it would be silly not to. Our consultants have a collective experience of 575 years across manufacturing and ERP software solutions. 

This gives us wealth of knowledge across a range of industries and how to best implement and support manufacturing processes using software and ERP systems. 


Why we use DELMIAWORKS vs Sage for Manufacturing ERP Software

When we’re talking with a new client about DELMIAWORKS they often make comparisons to other ERP packages, such as Sage, and there’s one distinguishing factor that sets these two types of systems apart. 

Sage was originally created as an accountancy and finance package, which had additional capabilities developed to incorporate manufacturing functions. DELMIAWORKS on the other hand was created as a manufacturing system and then had the ERP functionality built in for finance, customer service and CRM capabilities.

DELMIAWORKS is a specialist product for a niche industry with manufacturing at its core. The software is hugely beneficial to specific industries within manufacturing, such as the Automotive supply chain, Aerospace and Pharmaceutical manufacturers. 

We recently detailed what makes DELMIAWORKS a great ERP solution for businesses operating in the manufacturing industry. You can read more about this here. 

If you’re ready to start looking at DELMIAWORKS as the ERP system that fits your business’ manufacturing needs, you can talk to our team of specialists today. 


Or if you’d like to learn more about DELMIAWORKS and how it can help make your manufacturing operations more efficient, you can find out more information here.

Posted by Rob on 11th February 2021.