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Drop-Proof, Spill-Proof, Business-Ready Devices

Zebra's ruggedised handheld devices are perfectly suited to all kinds of workforces from shopfloor retail staff to healthcare professionals and delivery drivers to machine operatives.

All Zebra handheld computers have been tested against drops, tumbles, cold, heat, spillages, rain and more, to make sure you can always rely on the technology you need to run your business.

Providing your workforce with the right devices leads to an increase in productivity levels: staff have access to the information, applications and people they need, at the touch of a button.

With Android operating systems available on most devices, users have access to all the functionality of a regular smartphone, and the addition of Zebra's Mobility Extension (Mx), provides a layer of features on top of standard Android, with elements like enterprise-class security, data capture, manageability, and robust wireless connections.

Centralised device management means that you can remotely update, stage, monitor and troubleshoot both Zebra and non-Zebra devices, and their peripherals, from a single location. You are also able to completely control which features and software applications your users can access. This means that you can limit internet access, prevent external memory card use and diable social media or personal email applications.

Zebra offer expert support services, whether you're migrating from existing devices or planning to deploy handheld devices for the first time. OneCare, their post-deloyment and support program is best-in-class for supporting you and your workforce to get the best from your ruggedised devices, throughout their lifecycle.


TC20 Ruggedised Android Device

Ruggedised Android Touch Mobile Computer TC20

Zebra's newest device, the TC20, is built to help small businesses run more smoothly. With fast scanning capabilities, extended battery life and ruggedisation features, the TC20 gives small businesses an edge over the competition.

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Transport and Logistics

Transport and logistics are an essential part of any retail operation, whether online or bricks-and-mortar, and whether selling products business-to-businesses or direct to consumers. Access to 24/7 communications and data in real-time is integral to smooth-running transportation and logistics. Both your back-office staff, and your customers, need to be able to communicate easily with drivers. Drivers and shipments need to be conveniently and accurately tracked, and drivers need reliable devices, that will withstand drops, spills and tumbles.

Look at STREAM, for a complete transport and logistics solution, including a driver mobile app and electronic proof of delivery, a cloud-based delivery and transport management system.

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Manufacturing is the backbone of innovation and invention. Manufacturing staff need technology that gives them asset intelligence in real-time, in order to save time (and money) in the production process, remove the risk of defective products, and most importantly, give them the tools to work in a safer environment. By connecting manufacturing processes, and making fulfilment (and inventory control) transparent across the business, revenues can be increased, whilst service is made more dynamic.

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Technology in the retail sector is all about better serving your customers. Retail workers, both on the shopfloor and out in the field, need a device that can withstand anything they throw at it, whilst performing like a business-level device, to execute every task quickly and efficiently. From world-class data capture capabilities, including barcodes, forms, signatures, photos and videos, or NFC; to complete durability from drops, tumbles, liquid and dust, as well as industrial-grade connectors. Retail staff need fast connections, superior voice capabilities, and cutting-edge technology, to secure every sale.

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Warehousing is an essential part of the logistics and supply chain process, whether thats a manufacturing warehouse, distribution centre, or inventory in a retail backroom. Staying connected, and having visibility over all assets, processes and people, are essential to the role of warehouse management, enabling you to have a fully integrated and compliant warehouse operation, resulting in higher productivity and profitability. With rugged mobile computing, scanning and printing solutons from Zebra, every part of the warehouse can be connected and integrated for a more efficient operation.

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Field Service

Field service staff are often the first, and only, people in your business that your customers come into contact with. They need to be empowered to provide an outstanding level of service, to enhance customer satisfaction and retention, as well as maintaining high perceptions of your brand. By providing your field service, sales and technicians with powerful devices, they are able to respond quickly to customers, as they have the relevant data and information to hand at all times. With ruggedised devices, you no longer need to worry abut field technicians being out of action due to hardware malfunction.

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Wholesale Distribution

For wholesale distributors, a complete end-to-end solution is essential. By simplifying and automating processes, businesses can handle more complex operations. Wholesale distribution staff need devices with unrivalled communication, including WiFi networks and RFID infrastructure, whilst at the same time having powerful mobility and complete ruggedisation, to ensure devices work for your staff, wherever they are, and whatever they throw at them.


o quickly make the best decisions in healthcare, staff and administration need real-time visibility. This results in improved operational efficiency, optimised investment in IT and, above all, increased patient safety. by tracking patient progress, automating management systems, and improving responsiveness, supply chain processes can be streamlined and overall healthcare costs reduced.

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Government departments may not be known for their efficiency, but with specialised mobile devices government staff are able to access data, collect payments and produce reciepts on-the-go. This not only streamlines a normally complex process, but adds apersonal touch for the public-facing roles in government. Costly and unecessary errors are reduced, customer satisfaction is increased, and time spent processing and chasing payments is saved.


Service is paramount in the hospitality sector. staff need to be equipped with the data and communications needed to give guests the information the require, and stay one step ahead of the game. Hospitality staff need devices powerful enough to stay on top of inventory across departments, from housekeeping to kitchen, as well as providing superior communications capability, and holding up to the drops and spills expected in a busy service environment.

Route Accounting

For businesses using a route accounting model, a reliable device that can withstand the inevitable drops, tumbles and spills on the road, as well as being powerful and connected enough to capture, record and cost all the transactions associated with mobile warehousing, is essential. From inventory visibility to real-time order management, you need a device that can do it all, for increased efficiency and higher sales volume.