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IBM i Modernisation Webinars

As an integral part of business-critical operations for many organisations, keeping the IBM i functional and secure should be a top priority.

If your applications still accessed via green screens, your IBM i operations could be holding back your perfomance, as developers and users are increasingly unfamiliar with these legacy systems.

Fresche solutions helps you to modernise old-fashioned IBM i green screens to modern, web-based GUI applications.

Learn more about IBM i Modernisation with Fresche Solutions in these webinars.

Zend Server Webinars

Zend provides an enterprise-grade application platform for the world’s most popular web and mobile application programming language, PHP

For development and operation departments, Zend provides software infrastructure, tools, and best practices.

Zend Server is a reliable, secure and high-performing solution for effective collaboration and delivery of modern mobile and web apps.

These webinars will tell you more about deploying PHP on the IBM i, using Zend server.

STREAM Delivery and Transport Mnagament Webinars

Getting delivery and transport management right is essential for any business making collections, deliveries or service visits in their own fleet of vehicles.

Without a proper delivery and transport management system in place, the logistics process will be inneficient and customer satisfaction will suffer.

STREAM is our own advanged devlievry and stransport management system, built on the IBM i, and featuring map-based route optimiation, a driver app with ePOD and a dedicated customer gateway with proactive email and SMS notifications.

STREAM webinars will teach you more about the software and how it can be used to manage deliveries, orders and vehicles.

Avaya Call Centre Monitoring Webinars

When you are running a call centre, or netword of call centres, robust monitoring of data is important, to ensure maximum productivity, and to give decision-makers the information they need.

Monitoring, recording and reporting on Avaya call centre data, NFocus Plus from NetLert helps to keep Avaya call centres efficient.

N-Focus Plus offers powerful, real-time, web-based reporting in a cost-effective solution.

In these webinars you can learn more about the NFocus Plus solution, and how it can be deployed in Avaya call centres.