IBM i modernisation

Why IBM i Is Key to Your I.T. Strategy

For businesses developing and running critical systems and applications on the IBM i, a solid IT strategy must take the IBM i into account.

In this webinar from our partners at Fresche Solutions, world-renowned IBM i experts will share their knowledge, and explain to you exactly why IBM i is key to your IT strategy.

In the webinar, experts will discuss and dispell the concerns of IT executives running mission-critical applications on the IBM i, including concerns around:

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What's new in Presto 7?

Organisations use Presto from Fresche to modernise their IBM i (AS44) green screens. Presto can give existing IBM i green screens, and new RPG programmes a modern, web-based GUI, to make programmes and systems more efficient. It also allows you to add new functionality to existing programmes.

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The 10 Best Sessions for IBM i Open Source At COMMON Fall 2016

COMMON's fall conference and Expo in Ohio is set to be a brilliant event.

As COMMON is one of the largest worldwide associations of IBM users, the fall conference and expo is always a great opportunity to expand your existing knowledge of PHP on IBM i, learn about the new developments in the field of programming, and network with IBM i experts. Boasting over 100 educational sessions, this years' event is no exception. Even though we can't attend this year, we're chosen our pick of the best sessions for PHP on IBM i developers.

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PHP driving IBM i modernisation strategies

An online survey conducted by Zend of over 400 IBM i professionals has revealed that 70% are using PHP on the IBM i in their businesses, with 45% of those users having five or more PHP applications.

The fact that the IBM i has become a much more open platform in the last couple of years means that it is now an excellent platform for the development of web and mobile based application. And PHP is fuelling that modernisation strategy.

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