IBM i Maintenance & Modernisation Resources

Whitepapers, Webinars & Videos from Fresche, Proximity, Zend, Raz-Lee & N-Focus

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Fresche IBM i Application Modernisation

Guides on IBMi Modernisation from Fresche, who provide IBM i modernisation software including Presto, X-Analysis and WebSmart.

Proximity are a UK Fresche Power Partner

Download these whitepapers for the latest research and advice on IBM i modernisation from the IBM i modernisation experts at Fresche.

Find out how modernisating those out of date green-screens with a modern, web-based, GUI can give you a competitive advantage, improve efficency and communication within your business and help offer your customers something extra.

IBM i Modernisation Webinars

As an integral part of business-critical operations for many organisations, keeping the IBM i functional and secure should be a top priority.

If your applications still accessed via green screens, your IBM i operations could be holding back your perfomance, as developers and users are increasingly unfamiliar with these legacy systems.

Fresche solutions helps you to modernise old-fashioned IBM i green screens to modern, web-based GUI applications.

Learn more about IBM i Modernisation with Fresche Solutions in these webinars.

Fresche, Quadrant and BCD IBM i Modernisation videos

For many enterprises, business-critical operations run on the IBM i. The platform is essential to the smooth running of the business, so ensuring everyone can access it who need to is important.

With the old green-screen interface many users get overwhelmed, even developers. Most new developers are used to working in a GUI environment.

By using solutions from Fresche to modernise green-screens to a web-based GUI, it is quick and easy to increase productivity and accessibility.

In these videos you will learn more about IBM i modernisation with Fresce Solutions.

Getting started with PHP on i

With the demand from users growing for access to both the data and business logic contained on your IBM i, you need the development, modernisation and mobilisation strategy and tools that can deliver web and mobile applications that are as secure, resilient and powerful as your existing green screen applications.

These resources guide you through the process of developing web and mobile applications on the IBM i using PHP, the world's most popular programming language for web and mobile applications. They also look at setting up, deploying and managing the leading enterprise-grade PHP engine on IBMi, Zend Server.

These whitepapers are perfect for beginners looking to get started with open source PHP on the IBMi, or seasoned veterans looking to brush up on their skills.


Zend Server Webinars

Zend provides an enterprise-grade application platform for the world’s most popular web and mobile application programming language, PHP

For development and operation departments, Zend provides software infrastructure, tools, and best practices.

Zend Server is a reliable, secure and high-performing solution for effective collaboration and delivery of modern mobile and web apps.

These webinars will tell you more about deploying PHP on the IBM i, using Zend server.

Raz-Lee IBM i Security videos

Functionality on the IBM i is at the centre of many business-critical operations for lots of enterprises.

Security of the IBM i is, therefore, essential to the smooth running of many businesses. Keeping your IBM i secure minimises the risk of attack or loss of data.

Raz-Lee provides excellent security, auditing & compliance solutions for businesses running on the IBM i.

These videos will tell you more about how to keep your IBM i safe and secure with Raz-Lee

Avaya Call Centre Monitoring Webinars

When you are running a call centre, or netword of call centres, robust monitoring of data is important, to ensure maximum productivity, and to give decision-makers the information they need.

Monitoring, recording and reporting on Avaya call centre data, NFocus Plus from NetLert helps to keep Avaya call centres efficient.

N-Focus Plus offers powerful, real-time, web-based reporting in a cost-effective solution.

In these webinars you can learn more about the NFocus Plus solution, and how it can be deployed in Avaya call centres.

Avaya call centre monitoring videos

Avaya offers monitoring and reporting solutions for call centres.

NetLert provide best-in-class tools to help the industry understand the effectiveness and performance of Avaya call centres, with NFocus.

Powerful, web-based solutions provide real-time data on your centre so you can identify any issues and take appropriate actions to solve them.

With these videos you'll lean more about avaya call centre monitoring with NetLert and NFocus.