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STREAM: logistics and transport management software

A cloud-based logistics and transport management software application, STREAM has been designed and developed by Proximity. Multi-award winning, STREAM provides map-based route optimisation, a collaborative customer gateway, mobile driver app, electornic proof of delivery, plus proactive email and SMS text notifications.

STREAM has been designed for companies with complex or challenging delivery or service requirements STREAM integrates with a number of back office systems including Brightpearl, Veeqo, Sage 50, Sage 200 and IBM i-based ERP.

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STREAM Delivery and Transport Mnagament Webinars

Getting delivery and transport management right is essential for any business making collections, deliveries or service visits in their own fleet of vehicles.

Without a proper delivery and transport management system in place, the logistics process will be inneficient and customer satisfaction will suffer.

STREAM is our own advanged devlievry and stransport management system, built on the IBM i, and featuring map-based route optimiation, a driver app with ePOD and a dedicated customer gateway with proactive email and SMS notifications.

STREAM webinars will teach you more about the software and how it can be used to manage deliveries, orders and vehicles.

STREAM Delivery and transport management videos

STREAM is delivery, order and transport management software that helps companies making deliveries in their own vehicles.

Developed on the IBM i, and constantly updated with features, STREAM is logistics software with a customer-first approach. With features like a self-service customer gateway, email and SMS notifications and delivery information in real-time, the end customer is always in-the-loop about their deliveries.

STREAM includes map-based route optimisation and integrations with back-office software like Brightpearl, Veeqo and Sage, to streamline the entire order-to-delivery process. It also features a mobile driver app, with in-flight tracking and electronic proof of delivery, for status updates in real-time.

Watch these videos to see some of the key features of STREAM's delivery and transport management software in action.

Brigtpearl and Veeqo omnichannel retail management videos

STREAM, our delivery, vehicle and order management software, integrates with omnichannel retail management software from Brightpearl and Veeqo, for a complete order-to-delivery solution.

Brightpearl and Veeqo are reliable retail management solutions for omnichannel retailers, distributors and wholesalers.

Combined with STREAM, these solutions delivery a single order, inventory, customer data, transport management, accounting and reporting system.

These videos will give you practical tips and advice from Brightpearl and Veeqo.