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Whether your manufacturing operation involves recycling plastic clamshell containers, top down bottles, pails, pots, pharmaceutical blister packs, flexible pouches or plastic trays the packaging sector provides solutions that deliver a wide range of benefits including durability, safety, security, hygiene, lightweight and design freedom.

However, the very fact that the industry requires a wide variety of raw material and processing techniques results in a unique set of manufacturing necessities, including detailed lot traceability, accurate part labeling and production flexibility.

Designed for the packaging sector in mind, IQMS’ ERP and MES systems enable manufacturers to manage lot and serial traceability, UPC labeling, pack outs and Bills of Material (BOM) for dies and inks so that you increase accuracy, improve quality and deliver operational excellence at a lower cost.

With IQMS you get a single environment for all your ERP, manufacturing, MES and supply chain requirements delivered through one set of tables in an embedded Oracle database. All transactions and events are updated instantly throughout the entire system in real-time. As one, comprehensive and unified ERP system, EnterpriseIQ eliminates the need for multiple, disparate systems and the associated costs of integration, support and maintenance.

Benefits to your packaging manufacturing business
  • Designed and developed specifically for the packaging manufacturing sector
  • IQMS includes unlimited multi-level, industry-specific BOMs. Tool-based BOMs are able to manage your dies and inks easily so your production operations are more efficient and effective
  • Proactively manage inventory which can limit shelf life including moisture content, potency, pH and colour. Once shelf life has been exceeded, inventory is automatically flagged as non-conforming and alerts are sent
  • Comprehensive document control libraries enable you to view internal and external documents as well as emails with full history and audit trails
  • Ensure units of measure are correct right across your operations with IQMS' fully automatic built-in conversions
  • Complete lot number tracking and traceability
  • Whether from a PC, tablet or mobile-device you can print a wide range of labels, including complex barcode and 2D compliance labels automatically on the shop floor
  • Fully integrated quality management module promotes enterprise-wide visibility and accountability
  • Eliminate unplanned and unnecessary downtime
  • Accelerate order and shipping processing and accuracy with fully integrated EDI suite and EDI VAN services
  • Deliver accurate and real-time scheduling and planning
  • Minimise inventory costs and maximise plant floor throughput
  • End-to-end supply chain tracking and traceability
  • World class infrastructure for managing growth and changes to your business.

Proximity is a certified IQMS reseller and provides IQMS implementation services across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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“IQMS is an outstanding plastics ERP software system. IQMS replaced multiple independent systems in our organisation including MRP, real time, reporting, asset management, preventative maintenance and more. Because IQMS is so intuitive, it is has been made available to most everyone in our plastics manufacturing organisation. We investigated a number of different ERP systems before deciding on IQMS and couldn't be happier with the results".

Intertech Plastics, injection moulding plastics manufacturer


ERP for Packaging Manufacturers

IQMS Packaging Manufacturing ERP software: EnterpriseIQ

IQMS EnterpriseIQ ERP software helps packaging manufacturers run lean, profitable and collaborative operations, whether built-to-order or build-to-stock supply chain models.

Developed on an innovative single vision, EnterpriseIQ has a single database and modular architecture so that you can take advantage of advanced features and functionality at a lower cost of ownership. Industry-specific modules cover essential manufacturing functions including supply chain management; sales, order and distribution management; warehouse and inventory management; scheduling and planning; BOM; quoting and estimating; EDI and ecommerce; financial management; and shop floor control.


MES System for Packaging Manufacturers

IQMS MES System software for Packaging manufacturers

With IQMS' MES System software (manufacturing execution system) you can increase visibility and transparency in your packaging manufacturing operations. An industry-leading control system for managing and monitoring work in progress on the shop floor, IQMS MES tracks and gathers detailed manufacturing information in real-time and delivers it to IQMS EnterpriseIQ as a complete solution, or your existing ERP system.

As well as providing unrivaled manufacturing intelligence, IQMS MES offers production planning and scheduling; detailed inventory tracking; quality management and control; full product traceability; real-time process monitoring; tooling management; maintenance; and lean manufacturing tools.



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