N-Focus Plus for Avaya CMS call centres

Performance monitoring, reporting and auditing

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N-Focus Plus integrates with Avaya CMS to deliver more call centre data to more people.

In the fast-paced environment of the modern call or contact centre, more people need access to performance-critical data. With many large organisations running call centres in multiple locations, it is important for managers to be able to analyse historical information quickly and easily, while at the same time be alerted to issues, in real-time no matter where they are.

N-Focus Plus is an add-on to Avaya's CMS, integrating to enable unlimited users to access call centre performance data and reports via a web browser. The data and reports that each person can access is controlled by a robust 'permissions' authorisations scheme.

By providing increased access and usability to critical CMS data, N-Focus Plus keeps everyone in the call centre informed and in control of their call centre operations. Powerful insights into call centre performance is gathered through real-time and historical reports, which can be easily distributed via email to anyone in the organisation.

Configurable and customisable trigger alerts warn you when critical performance thresholds have been met, while real-time system status reports enable you to spot immediately operational problems before they become critical.

In as little as thirty minutes, N-Focus Plus can be installed and begin running reports on critical performance data. There is no desktop software to install, update, or support. A web-browser is all that is required.

Regardless of the size of your Avaya call centre, N-Focus Plus will help you increase revenue and reduce operating costs by providing the right information about your business to the right people at the right time.

Increase access to Avaya CMS call centre reports

As N-Focus Plus is 100% web-based, reports can be accessed from anywhere on PC, laptop, tablet or mobile device. There are no restrictions on the number of people in your organisation who can log on or a limit on the number of concurrent users who can access N-Focus Plus.

Installed centrally, new releases and upgrades are automatically rolled out to authorised work stations. As changes are made centrally, IT staff do not need to configure, support, or update client machines.

Combine multiple CMS Servers

Consolidate multiple CMS server data into one single interface or report easily with just a few clicks.

Schedule email reports in multiple formats

N-Focus Plus has an in-built report scheduler which enables users to schedule historical reports to run at any time. Reports can be emailed as a PDF or Excel file to anyone in your organisation.

Intuitive navigation and powerful functionality

N-Focus is incredibly easy to use, with little, if any, training required to become proficient. All that anyone in your organisation needs is a basic knowledge of how to navigate in a web browser. Critical CMS data is automatically extracted, sorted, and delivered to users. All reports and views are self-descriptive and easy to navigate.

Permissions authorisation

Everyone in your organisation can have varying levels of access to call centre performance reports and is set up and determined easily by the administrators.


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100% web-based. Unlimited users.