N-Focus Plus for Avaya CMS call centres

Supercharge Your Avaya CMS reporting. 100% web-based, unlimited users


Maximise and mobilise your Avaya CMS reporting with fast, easy-to-use and unlimited web-based reports

If your call centre uses Avaya CMS, you understand its value in providing important data to your call centre managers. But sometimes, even the best technologies don’t solve every business challenge.

Your call centre reporting is most likely managed by a small handful of individuals who are continuously bombarded with requests for new and custom ad-hoc reports.

Middle management may have trouble monitoring their individual departments or groups when needed, and upper management probably wants a complete picture of the whole organisation.

Wouldn't it be easier if everyone could access, build and share web-reports from an intuitive browser-based interface instead?

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“We were able to use N-Focus Plus to collect and evaluate data in less than two hours, then provide a management report that answered a productivity question that we couldn’t answer before.”

Contra Costa County

Avaya CMS call centre reporting solution

N-Focus Plus helps you get the most of Avaya CMS with permission-based, real-time and historical reports using data from your Avaya CMS servers.

Using NFocus Plus’ intuitive web-based interface, decision makers, managers and agents can quickly generate, display and distribute reports.

  • 100% web-based, real-time and historical reports
  • An incredibly easy to use interface
  • Automatic scheduled report distribution
  • Multiple CMS server data in a central reporting tool
  • Unlimited authorised users can run and view reports
  • Access to reports on any device, including mobile.

“One of the main reasons (besides the great product) we continue to do business with NetLert is the customer support.”

Holt Cat

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