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Performance monitoring, reporting and auditing

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Being able to identify and respond quickly to productivity issues and bottlenecks in your Avaya call centre are essential if it is to perform efficiently and effectively.

Most call centre reporting, auditing and performance analysis solutions unfortunately are either limited in scope, expensive or difficult to use. They do not enable you to effectively distribute intelligence on your centre’s key performance indicators to everyone in your organisation who needs it, which slows down reaction times and impacts productivity and those all-important service levels.

“N-Focus solution makes our Avaya switch very powerful in the call centre environment. I highly recommend the N-Focus product for any Avaya-based call centre that needs a user-friendly web-based reporting tool.”

Electro Rent Corporation

N-Focus has been developed specifically for non-Avaya CMS call centres, providing powerful 100% web-based historical and real-time reporting, auditing and analysis on the performance and effectiveness of your call or contact centre operations.

With N-Focus, you can easily identify and highlight performance information to answer:

  • Who were your best call centre agents today, yesterday, last week, or even last month?
  • Who needs additional training?
  • Is the performance of your call centre improving over time?
  • When are the peak times in your contact centre so you can make sure it is not under or over staffed.

Regardless of the size of your Avaya call centre, N-Focus will help you increase revenue and reduce operating costs by providing the right information about your business to the right people at the right time.

100% web-based reporting with unlimited supervisor views

Access historical and real-time reports in N-Focus at any time via a web browser on PC, laptop, tablet or mobile. There is no limit on the number of people in your call or contact centre who can log in and run reports and there is no licence to limit concurrent users.

Quickly and easily email historical reports

N-Focus has an in-built report scheduler which enables supervisors to schedule historical reports to run at any time. Reports can be emailed as a PDF or Excel file to anyone in your organisation.

Real-time alert triggers

Keep on top of the performance of your call centre by setting up triggers on any real-time reports so they change colour, email you, pop up or play a sound when KPI thresholds have been met.

Easy to use

N-Focus is incredibly easy to use, with little, if any, training required to become proficient. Agents and supervisors simply require a basic knowledge of how to navigate in a web browser. People in your call centre can be set up so they can only see what they need to see, making it even easier to navigate.

Multiple PBX support

Easily consolidate reporting on multiple PBXs from one server into one interface with N-Focus.

Historical reporting

N-Focus runs on a MySQL Enterprise database, which provides robust storage for unlimited historical interval data. N-Focus also provides daily automated backup and database maintenance as standard.

Real-time wallboards made easy

You can easily create a wallboard to display reports, graphs or any type of custom call centre information on large LCDs or Plasma screens with N-Focus through a web browser.

Avaya version support

N-Focus supports all versions of Avaya™ Definity, Aura and Communication Manager.

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100% web-based. Unlimited users.