IQMS launches cloud-based manufacturing software applications

Last week, IQMS held its annual user conference in Orlando, Florida. As well as provide users with an opportunity to meet and discuss the latest features, functionality and best practices of EnterpriseIQ manufacturing ERP and MES System software, the conference also launched IQMS’ latest manufacturing software.

As more and more businesses, not just manufacturers are turning to cloud-based software so that they can minimise infrastructure costs, achieve greater scalability, ensure data integrity and application uptime, IQMS has responded with the launch of two new software applications: IQMS CloudIQ and IQMS Web BI. Both applications run on the Oracle Cloud Platform.

In a press release, Gary Nemmers, CEO at IQMS said:

‘From start-ups to Fortune 1000 manufacturers, more of our ERP customers are looking to the cloud, not just for cost savings, but also for the ability to get up and running quickly, scale as needed, and protect the data that drives their operations. Today, we are extending our support for these customers with IQMS Cloud IQ and IQMS Web BI. Oracle serves as a trusted partner in delivering these new cloud-based solutions, bringing together extensive enterprise expertise, mature cloud technology, advanced security and a strong understanding of our business.”


Available as a software-as-a-service (SaaS) subscription or hosted licensed software on the Oracle Cloud, IQMS Cloud IQ combines sector-specific ERP and MES functionality in one single database instance.

This approach enables manufacturers to adopt a ‘streamlined approach to centralising activity across the supply chain and ensuring that complete, accurate information is available to all authorised users at all times’.

Central to the Cloud IQ application is Oracle Compute Service, which delivers an enterprise-grade infrastructure service with predictable performance and network isolation.

‘Running the IQMS system in the cloud with our managed services provides our manufacturing customers a higher level of security and redundancy than they can typically achieve managing the system on their own,” commented Dan Radunz, CTO, IQMS in a press release.

‘Equally important, IQMS Cloud IQ lets these companies move a large component of their IT responsibility out of the manufacturing environment, allowing them to focus on their operations and not on the supporting technology.’


Harnessing the features and capabilities of the Oracle Business Intelligence Cloud Service, IQMS Web BI delivers a proven platform for creating powerful business intelligence applications.

With IQMS Web BI, manufacturers will be able to improve their decision making by accessing deeper insights from data in their IQMS Enterprise IQ and IQMS Cloud IQ software.

Perhaps most significantly, users can get instant access to analytics through Oracle’s Mobile BI functionality.

‘One of the great strengths of our IQMS ERP system is that the use of a single Oracle Database to manage all data enables our manufacturing customers to have a complete and consistent view of their operations in the office and on the shop floor. With IQMS Web BI, our customers can now derive even greater value from their data through easy access to ad-hoc analytics and the ability to create powerful reports and dashboards’ said Radunz.