IBM i (AS400) development, modernisation and mobilisation tools

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Proximity is the exclusive BCD Software and Quadrant Software Premier Business partner and Fresche Legacy Power Partner in the UK and Ireland for their industry-leading suite of IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) development, modernisation and mobilisation solutions.

Delivering a modern web-based user interface for IBM i green screen technology, developing powerful IBM i applications or the ability to access applications through a mobile device has never been easier using the fully integrated suite of tools for developing, modernising and mobilising IBM i systems including AS400, iSeries and System i.

Presto: Green screen modernisation

A powerful tool for transforming your organisation’s outdated green screens and system menus into modern web-based GUI’s without requiring changes to your RPG, COBOL or DDS code. Programmers do not need HTML experience to make your IBM i applications more relevant to your users, senior managers and clients. You can also add new functionality such as drop down boxes, date pickers, tabs and images. Presto also enables applications to be accessed remotely by any tablet or smartphone.

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Fresche View: RPG and COBOL application insight

Delivering exceptional ROI, Fresche View, powered by X-Analysis is a powerful tool that enables you to get in-depth understanding your IBM i (AS400) applications so you can move development projects forward faster and onboard new developers more quickly. Fresche View automatically generates interactive graphical documentation, charts and graphs.

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Websmart: web & mobile application development

IBM i web & mobile app development tool

Multiple award-winning tool for developing RPG, PHP or Node.js apps, web services and mobile apps. Templates within WebSmart rapidly create both client and server-side code which can then be customised by you while web service interactions can be developed in XML or JSON.

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X-analysis: application analysis & modernisation

IBM i (AS400) Application Analysis & Modernisation Management: X-Analysis

Modernise efficiently using X-Analysis from Fresche to unlock business critical information from your IBM i. Modules covering application documentation; process mapping; change management; database and application modernisation; and code analysis.

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Catapult: automated IBM i Document Distribution

IBM i (AS400) automatic report distribution

Save time and money by automatically distributing IBM i reports and documents to the right people, at the right time

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Nexus: IBM i secure enterprise web portals

IBM i (AS400) web portals

Give secure, user-based access to enterprise information with unlimited IBM i web portals, intranets and extranets

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Formtastic: automatic IBM i Document Beautification

Create graphical spool files on IBM i (AS400)

Automate forms, cheques and bar code labels with IBM i spooled data to distribute and archive branded documents

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Business i: IBM i Business Intelligence (BI)

Business intelligence for IBM i (AS400)

Build and distribute business intelligence reports from the IBM i, to improve access to data, from anywhere

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Clover: real-time IBM i reports & dashboards

IBM i (AS400) dashboards and reports

Produce real-time IBM i web reports, dashboards and queries that help key decision makers to access and interpret data

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EZ-Pickin's: IBM i Report mining & analytics

Extract IBM i (AS400) data with EZ Pickin's

Use EZ Pickin’s to mine and analyse IBM i report data for quick and efficient access to business-critical information

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Newlook Developer: IBM i application modernisation

Smart Approach to IBM i (AS400) Modernisation

Powerful IBM i application development and 5250 green screen transformation tool. Create modern user interfaces for desktop, web and mobile.

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Newlook Server: remote access to IBM i applications

Access IBM i (AS400) applications anywhere

Modernise existing 5250 green screen applications with or without source code. Supports composite applications and generates HTML5 user interfaces.

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IBM i virtual FOIP

Send, receive, archive and manage faxes via a virtual server, to eliminate old hardware and improve fax efficiency and security

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