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Business i from Quadrant Software aims to reduce the burden on your organisation’s IT department and provide you with the business data you require from your IBM i server. Business i is a modern business intelligence (BI) solution for the IBM i that enables you to view and analyse key business performance metrics quickly and easily.

A comprehensive BI tool, Business i is able to access any IBM i data regardless of source. You can quickly gather and analyse data from a green screen, enterprise resource planning system, spool file, PDF, Excel spreadsheet, XML, any ODCP database or a web application regardless of whether it has been developed with a BCD Software solution or not.

The Business i suite takes the data from your IBM i, transforming it into interactive dashboards, charts and reports in real-time that can be analysed and shared with colleagues to drive business improvement. Unlike other BI tools on the IBM i, Business i can be up and running in a matter of hours rather than days or months.

Business i provides you with the data you need, when you need it and in the in the format you want to give tangible business benefit, with the minimum of help from your over-burdened IT department.

Data, reports and dashboards are accessible at any time on any type of device via a secure, menu-driven web interface for reports and dashboards. No prior coding experience is required to gain insight into your business metrics.

Business i comes complete with a set of customisable templates that you can use to build and distribute reports and spreadsheets with minimum effort quickly and easily. With Business i you will be able to better visualise data, spot trends, predict results and make better business decisions.

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