Agenda released for the final i-UG meeting of the year

Following hot on the heels of the hugely successful International i-Power, details of the final i-UG meeting of 2015 have been released. Free for i-UG members, the event will take place at The Mount Hotel in Wolverhampton on Thursday 26 November.

Highlights during the conference include sessions by i-UG Chairman Mike Ryan, Steve Bradshaw, Proximity’s Pete Samways and Paul Tuohy.

You can register for the one-day conference here

Registration and breakfast is available from 9:15am, with the main conference starting at 10:00am. The event closes at around 3:30pm.

Keynote presentations

Darin Stahl, Senior Research Director at Info-Tech

Darin returns to i-UG to give Info-Tech Group’s independent overview of the IT sector and where the IBM i on POWER sits in the industry.

Although this is a session for all attendees, it is particularly suited to IT Directors and senior management. If you are more technically minded, i-UG is encouraging you to ‘bring along your FD, MD or CIO along, as their guest, to hear this important session’.

Paul Tuohy, CIO of ConCom Consultancy and Industry Guru

Well known in IBM i circles, Paul is always one of i-UG’s most popular speakers. In this closing keynote, Paul will focus on how we can ‘quickly start to benefit from integrating SQL into our existing systems’.

He’ll look at different approaches to using SQL ‘to define your database and the benefits to be gained in using SQL to access your database’.

Elective sessions

After the keynote sessions, the conference splits into two elective streams, giving you the opportunity to choose the sessions that best suit you.

David Spurway, IBM Power Systems Client Technical Specialist
Room 1

David’s session will focus on what has been added to the IBM i operating system in the most recent technology refreshes and examine the capabilities of the POWER8 platform.

Mike Ryan: ‘The Economics of Moving to a New Machine’
Room 2

As I am sure you aware, V6R1 is now out of support. This may well (should) give companies using the IBM i the added impetus to either upgrade their operating system or their ‘tin’. Mike will guide you through what is on offer and how to get it ‘at a remarkable price’.

Pete Samways, Development Manager at Proximity
Room 1

During last month’s International iPower conference, our Development Manager Pete Samways delivered a highly commended workshop on deploying open source PHP application on the IBM i using Zend. In this session, Pete will summarise that popular workshop in an abridged format.

This session is aimed at developers and organisations looking to make cost effective use of the spare resources available on modern IBM i on POWER systems.

If you are interested in learning more about running PHP applications on the IBM i, then why not have a look at the various downloadable guides and papers in the resource centre? These include quick guides on deploying various open source applications on i using Zend Server which accompany this workshop.

Steve Bradshaw, i-UG Technical Director
Room 2

Always entertaining, Steve will be exploring some of the exciting technical stuff that hides within the IBM i system. He will continue his’ Technical Tips and Advice series, breaking the technology down into understandable subsets that can be taken away and used straight away’.

A little bit more about i-UG

For those unfamiliar with i-UG, it is the only independent user group in the UK dedicated solely to the IBM i and POWER platforms. Affiliated with COMMON Europe, i-UG organises up to four one-day conference around the country each year, as well as International iPower.