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RPG and COBOL application mapping & insights on IBM i (AS400)

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Fresche View automatically generates interactive graphical documentation, charts & graphs

Move RPG and COBOL Projects Forward Quicker: Get More Time To Do More Development


Move RPG and COBOL Projects Forward Faster with Better Discovery and Understanding


What Fresche View can help you to achieve:


Make code changes with confidence

Achieve better development, faster testing and greatly reduced risk through a deep understanding of the impact across all your IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) applications, including any downstream consequences of the code changes you want to make.

Move projects forward quicker

Estimate IT project resource requirements more accurately. Fresche View highlights cascading effects of change plus where to focus testing efforts by showing the objects impacted by a change.

Get new developers up to speed faster

New developers can understand RPG and COBOL applications faster so they can contribute quicker and work autonomously. Developers can quickly explore and navigate applications graphically at a high level with the ability to drill up or down.


IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) applications are often large and complex, so when you are making changes to your applications, just how confident are you that nothing will go wrong with the code changes you make?

And, if you have new developers starting in your organisation, just how long does it take for them to get up to speed so you are comfortable with them making code or database changes?

Fresche View is a new way to get in-depth understanding your IBM i applications so you can move development projects forward faster and onboard new developers more quickly. With Fresche View your developers get a complete 360-degree view of your IBM i environment with automated, graphical documentation and impact analysis. As a result, your developers can spend less time maintaining your existing applications and more time actually developing.

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Fresche View is fully integrated with RDi and helps you and your developers to fully understand your application code, data models and the possible impact of any changes to your system before any development work is done. Your developers will have insight into the applications and data which significantly reduces the time and effort required to modify, maintain and test applications on the IBM i.

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“Fresche View removes all guesswork — every application object is fully documented, with all calls, dependencies, data links, etc. This made onboarding new developers much faster — they were up to speed on our systems in no time.”

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Key features in Fresche View

Powered by X-Analysis, Fresche View provides on-demand IBM i (AS400, iSeries, System i) application documentation in a graphical format. Fresche View includes the visual documentation component, the impact analysis component and data model of X-Analysis and customers can upgrade to the full version of X-Analysis at anytime, which brings additional features such as code generation and database migration capabilities.


interactive graphical documentation

Fresche View generates automated graphical documentation and data flow diagrams, which make it easy for developers to visualise IBM i applications. Program control through call stack is shown, RPG is displayed in easy-to-read pseudo code and object use, access, parameters, etc. are provided.

drill-downs for discovery

Fresche View's powerful drill-down and drill-up capabilities ensure that developers get precisely the level of detail they need. Detail right down to the source code is provided while variables can be traced through multiple layers. Applications can be browsed from anwhere to anywhere.

where used functions

Powerful impact analysis tracks 'where used' information throughout the application and database. Fresche View tracks variables through all iterations and associations, while every object affected by a change is highlighted. Document system functionality is included for application auditing and planning.

relational data models

Relational data modelling of your IBM i application databases provides a deeper understanding of your business. Fresche View automatically extracts from DDS, DB objects and source, which provides a working model to support IT and the wider business. All related database files are also shown.

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