IBM i (AS400) Report Mining & Analytics

Get access to the information you need with Windows-based report mining & analytics

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What EZ-Pickins can help you to achieve:


Easily Extract Data

Data from virtually any electronic report source can be used: spool files, PDF, text, database files.

Analyse Data from IBM i

EZ-Pickin’s allows you to sort, filter and create custom views and report summaries with calculated fields and totals.

Efficiently export data

Export to Excel, PDF, XML, Access, MS Word and more to totally eliminate rekeying of data.


Enable your users to easily and efficiently, access the information relevant to them, from virtually any electronic report, using EZ-Pickin’s. Users can extract, analyse, graph and summarise data from the IBM i, as well as other computer-generated reports, databases and spreadsheets.

Interactive reports can be exported and distributed in excel, PDF and other formats.

“EZ-Pickin's saves me countless hours. The summary feature saves me from rewriting reports just so I can print summary information..”

Charles Industries

EZ-Pickin’s report-analysis and data-mining tool is windows-based, and there is no need to rekey or programme, completely reducing input from your IT department.

Compliance and accounting can be simplified by matching source reports with newly created reports, to reconcile and compare reports (such as financial reports) for audit and accounting purposes. To improve data lineage and authenticity, digital signatures can be embedded by users.

By integration with Catapult and Spool-Explorer, EZ-Pickin’s can convert spool files into spreadsheets, for distribution via email, web portal or network drives.

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