Supercharge Your Avaya call centre reporting

100% web-based. Unlimited users


Maximise and mobilise your Avaya call centre software with fast, easy-to-use and unlimited web-based reports

Most call centres simply need a way to enable any of their users (managers, supervisors, agents and other decision makers) to quickly - and easily - create and distribute real-time and historical reports from a web-based interface.

N-Focus and N-Focus Plus from NetLert provide web-based historical and real-time performance analysis, reporting and monitoring for call or contact centres using Avaya Definity, Communication Manager and Aura platforms.

  • 100% web-based, real-time and historical reports
  • Unlimited supervisor views
  • Scheduled email reporting
  • Real-time alert triggers and performance graphs
  • Multiple PBX support
  • Large display WallBoard support
  • Access to reports on any device, including mobile
  • An incredibly easy to use interface.

“N-Focus solution makes our Avaya switch very powerful in the call centre environment. I highly recommend the N-Focus product for any Avaya-based call centre that needs a user-friendly web-based reporting tool.”

Electro Rent Corporation

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