Why Modernise your IBM i Forms Solution?

If you are considering an IBM i modernisation initiative, you will likely have a number of systems that all need to be brought up-to-date.

So where should you start?

Starting with a project that is fast and easy to implement means that your modernisation journey begins with a quick ROI generation. And showing a demonstrable ROI to senior colleagues will bring more support on board, to continue modernising your legacy IBM i systems and processes

Replacing your IBM i forms solution with a modern, electronic forms solution is an easy way to make IT departments more efficient, and improve customer service levels.

At the same time as these business aspects are improving, an electronic forms solution will also cut the spend associated with traditional forms - from printing to postage

Formtastic is an IBM i modernisation tool from Quadrant Software, part of Fresche. Formtastic allows you to automatically create professional-looking, branded forms, documents and reports.

Here are the top 5 reasons to modernise your IBM i forms solution with Formtastic:

  1. Reduce costs of printing and distribution Perhaps the most immediate, tangible saving to come from switching to digital forms is the removal of the printing, postage and labour costs associated with paper documents.
  2. Improve customer service Make documents more accessible and vastly improve customer satisfaction by improving document usability, and quickly delivering documents to your customers in electronic formats.
  3. Reduce the burden on IT IT departments are increasingly over-stretched and, thanks to new business requirements and changes in legislation, IT departments are bombarded with requests for new and modified forms. By modernising your forms solution, users will easily be able to update and add additional data for forms, removing some of the burden from IT departments.
  4. Increase brand equityBy providing simple, branded documents that are easy-to-use and professional-looking you are building a positive perception of your company in the eye of your customers.
  5. Leverage existing technologies Legacy IBM i applications are at the core of many business enterprises. By leveraging those existing IBM i applications with a well-supported, modern electronic forms solution, you are future-proofing your existing technologies, instead of starting from scratch with a costly process.

Learn more about modernising your existing IBM i forms solution by downloading Formtastic's free eBook: Top 5 reasons to replace your IBM i forms solution.