Why IBM i Is Key to Your I.T. Strategy

For businesses developing and running critical systems and applications on the IBM i, a solid IT strategy must take the IBM i into account.

In this webinar from our partners at Fresche Solutions, world-renowned IBM i experts will share their knowledge, and explain to you exactly why IBM i is key to your IT strategy.

In the webinar, experts will discuss and dispell the concerns of IT executives running mission-critical applications on the IBM i, including concerns around:

  • How you can leverage your existing applications, to better meet the evolving needs of your business
  • How to calculate the total cost-of-ownership of an IT system, and how he total cost-of-ownership of the IBM i compares to other systems
  • Where the value is in choosing to modernise your IT systems, instead of replacing them completely
  • What development challenges are keeping you stuck on old applications and outdated OS versions, and how to overcome those challenges.

The webinar gathers together by three of the leading experts on IBM i, to speak about key topics and concerns:

  • Steve Will

    IBM i Chief Architect, IBM | As the Chief Architect of IBM i, Steve has responsibility for overall planning and strategy over the operating system. Now only does Steve know the IBM i inside and out, he also has insights into the future of the system, putting him in the perfect position to offer advice to any IT Executives who are worried about the future of mission-critical applications they run on the IBM i.

  • Pete Massiello

    President, iTech Solutions | iTech Solutions is an IBM Premier Business Partner, helping businesses get the highest performance out of their IBM i. As president, Pete has a deep understanding of all aspects of the IBM i, and regularly advises businesses on those business-critical aspects, from systems management to technical support.

  • Trevor Perry

    IBM i Strategist & IBM Champion, Fresche Solutions | Trevor is known for his efforts in leading the way to modernisation, setting strategy and direction to align IT strategy with business priorities. He regularly provides strategies to IBM i users around the world, innovating, and motivating whole organisations to modernise their IBM i.

Join Steve, Pete and Trevor at the webinar with Fresche Solutions to learn more about why IBM i is key to your IT strategy:

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