Video: How IQMS Helps Manufacturers to Overcome Challenges

Our partners IQMS help manufacturers to overcome some of their biggest challenges, with innovative MES system and manufacturing ERP software solutions.

In the video below, you can see how four manufacturers are using IQMS' ERP software, EnterpriseIQ to:

  • Use data as part of their plant floor decision-making tools
  • Manage their inventory better
  • Run a leaner organisation by improving efficiency
  • Increase accuracy in their complex batch mixes

Mar-Bal Incorporated

IQMS has helped Mar-Bal to manage the processing of complex raw materials for use in their plastics manufacturing process. Mar Bal make their own compound, using IQMS to ratio everything out and make complex masterbatch mixes.

"Before, it was a very manual process, IQMS has really helped us, when we're mixing, to be more accurate with the making of our compound"

Marvin Benjamin, Mar-Bal Incorporated

Tessy Plastics, LLC

Tessy Plastics were using paper-based production folders before they switched to a tablet-based system, including 'information centres', throughout their manufacturing plant, which anyone can use, at any time, to find up-to-date performance data. The amount of data made available through IQMS has transformed Tessy's decision-making process.

"One of the best things about IQMS is the data... As soon as you can see the data, you can make a decision"

Doug Jobe, Tessy Plastics, LLC

Playcraft Systems

Before Playcraft implemented IQMS, their inventory system was based purely on physical inventory, counted manually by hand. Thousands of parts each week were counted, in a time-consuming and unreliable manual process.

"With the system we previously had in place, we simply had to count the parts by hand. Now I can rely on IQMS to have my back"

Steven Anno, Playcraft Systems

AMA Plastics

For AMA Plastics, IQMS can support their business growth into the future. From their past business practices, to the future of the business, they are able to reach a level of proficiency that will enable them to run a lean operation.

"Essentially, using the system, using the data and making our business decisions every day with [IQMS] will set us up for a really bright future"

Michael Engler, AMA Plactics

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