How to use WebSmart to Speed up Your Node.js Development

Find out how desktop and mobile web applications can be rapidly developed with open-source Node.js and WebSmart on the IBM i

If you are using the exciting new Node.js open-source technology to develop your web and mobile applications on the IBM i, you will already see the benefits of Node.js in attracting new programmers whilst easing the web development learning transition for your existing RPG programmers.

If you're not yet using Node.js on the IBM i, take this webinar from BCD Software, to find out exactly what Node.js is, and how it can be used in your business. The webinar includes a detailed technical demonstration, showing you how BCD Software's WebSmart for Node.js can completely speed up open-source Node.js desktop and mobile web application development on the IBM i to save you time and money.

In the Rapid Node.js Web Development with WebSmart Webinar you will learn:

  • How to set up templates, both for HTML and CSS on the client-side, and for the server-side JavaScript
  • The types of applications that can be developed using WebSmart with Node.js
  • Using a single code base, we'll will walk you through exactly how you can develop desktop and mobile applications usign Node.js on IBM i
  • How you can leverage your existing RPG code with Node.js.

If you want to speed up development of web and mobile applications using Node.js on the IBM i, or if you're thinking of adopting Node.js for your web and mobile application development, but aren't sure where to start, sign up here for the 'Rapid Node.js Web Development with WebSmart' webinar, from BCD Software, to get started with WebSmart for Node.js.

Find out more about how WebSmart can help rapidly develop IBM i (AS400) and multi-platform RPG, PHP and Node.js web and mobile applications.