VIDEO: How Northern Industrial Manufacturing Improved Productivity with IQMS

Northern Industrial Manufacturing is a third generation, family-run manufacturing plant, based in Michigan, US. Since implementing IQMS' manufacturing ERP solution, they have achieved their highest levels of success to date.

Like any other best-in-class manufacturing plant, for Northern Industrial, everything has to be flawless. As a plant with a track-record of zero parts per million defects, everyone in the plant works together, knowing that they can't afford mistakes

If you're overseeing a busy production environment, you end up taking on a variety of roles, and without a proper ERP solution, it can be difficult to let go and to delegate parts of the process:

Using IQMS to get a quick overview of demand and easily create the most efficient production schedule, means that you can give people that schedule and trust that everything will keep running smoothly.

When everything has been produced and quality checked, it is quickly logged into IQMS. The decision-makers always have the information they need, which means tighter inventory control, as you can plan production in line with stock levels. This keeps production lean and helps to keep tabs on productivity, both of the plant, and of individual employees. In fact, IQMS tools lead to more than double the output of the plant.

Another key challenge in manufacturing plants is in the shipping and receiving department. In this fast-paced environment, labeling needs to be accurate, every single time. "When it comes to doing the labels, IQMS removed a lot of human error", says Decarsto Hill, Assistant Grind Operator.

IQMS were able to tackle the three to four biggest challenges in the organisation, whilst keeping up steady production operations throughout that process.

Northern Industrial Manufacturing had zero parts per million defects and 100% on time deliveries last year. Nobody has to rely on memorised part numbers and production schedules - they are automated, based on inventory levels and planned orders."When we look at our business we're very happy with our processes, our procedures and they way that we're executing, and IQMS is a very integral part of that execution" commented Jeff Hohlfeldt, Vice President.

"Its really quick it's easy to catch up on, it's easy to learn, and it makes life a lot simpler" added Hill.

And the final word goes to Eric Trimmer, Shipping and Receiving Clerk who says "the IQMS system that we have now, compared to the old system... It's like night and day".

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