Catch Our Speakers at International iPower 2017

We're pleased to announce that speakers from Proximity have had not one, but two sessions accepted for International iPower 2017.

International iPower is a two-day conference, returning this year to Milton Keynes on the 13th and 14th of June.

Featuring educational labs and conference sessions, International iPower 2017 is the event for IBMi developers and users. The conference offers the chance to exchange views and ideas with like-minded peers and colleagues from across the IBM i community.

Proximity have developed applications with PHP on the IBMi. These applications include logistics and delivery management software STREAM and sales order management solution iOrder Management.

The speakers from Proximity are Pete Samways, Development Manager; and Shahid Latif, Product Manager.

Proximity's Speakers at International iPower 2017

Pete Samways

Pete Samways Proximity PHP on IBMi speaker at International iPower 2017

About Pete:

Pete Samways is an expert in the development, modernisation and mobilisation of IBM i applications, particularly in the logistics sector. He is responsible for delivering projects on behalf of Gebrüder Weiss and Agility amongst others.

He is also a contributor to PowerWire, particularly on the subject of PHP on the IBM i.

Follow Pete on twitter @pete_samways.

About Pete's Session

Responsive PHP web development on IBM i: a practical session that will develop a screen that will run beautifully on desktop or mobile.

PHP is a modern programming language ideally suited to development on the IBM i. This session will enable you to start using the tools and learning the techniques needed to deliver responsive web applications based on existing IBM i data.

At the end of the workshop participants will have created their own PHP application and been able to test and further develop the result for both mobile and desktop. We will also introduce GIT source management and Bootstrap responsive design during the session.

Shahid Latif

Shahid Latif Proximity PHP on IBMi speaker at International iPower 2017

About Shahid:

Shahid has worked in a number of roles delivering global solutions to multi-nationals as well as domestic solutions for smaller enterprises.

He manages STREAM, a multi award-winning cloud-based delivery and transport management software application and is joint UK product manager for Fresche's development, modernisation, mobilisation and delivery suite for IBM i and multi-platform solutions.

Follow STREAM on twitter @slprox1.

About Shahid's Session

Case study: using the IBM i as a platform to deliver a multi-award winning cloud-based application.

STREAM is a cloud based multi-award winning delivery and transport management application running on IBM i and delivered via the internet and smartphones. STREAM is available on a monthly subscriptions basis and used by many organisations across the UK and Ireland, collecting and delivering a wide range of goods and services.

A customer representative will give a presentation on their experiences of on boarding and using STREAM as a cloud-based solution.

Proximity will present on some of the infrastructure and application requirements for delivering a multi-tenant cloud based service including:

  • Security
  • High availability / DR
  • Single, shared (multi-tenant) database
  • Reporting and downloads
  • Designing for any device – mobile, desktop etc.
  • Barcode scanning
  • Online and offline use for drivers
  • Free trials
  • High speed / low cost on boarding for new clients.

Pete and Shahid are looking forward to delivering their sessions at International iPower 2017. In the meantime, you can book a STREAM demo with Shahid, at a time to suit you.