Improving Avaya CMS with fast, easy and unlimited web reporting

Last month, NetLert presented another one of their popular webinars on Avaya call centre reporting solutions. As you may already be aware, NetLert has been supplying web-based reporting solutions exclusively for Avaya customers since 2000 and has two products for this particular sector.

N-Focus is Netlert’s solution for non-CMS environments is a stand-alone, turnkey product, while N-Focus Plus is designed for companies that are already heavily using CMS.

This particular webinar, entitled ‘Improving Avaya CMS with fast, easy and unlimited web reporting’ centres on the N-Focus Plus product, which is an add-on for Avaya CMS giving extra functionality and powerful real-time and historical reporting available to all your users - including agents, supervisors, managers and even clients.

When attendees were asked to register for the webinar, they were asked what would most benefit their Avaya CMS reporting solution. By far the most popular option was an easy to use web-based interface with 39%. Next came native 100% web-based reports and mobile access (29%), with a further 18% saying that simple report distribution would be most beneficial.

A further 11% said that unlimited user access and the ability to create permission-based reports would be beneficial, with the final 3% chose the ability to consolidate data from multiple CMS servers in one interface.

These findings are very consistent with what NetLert hear from customers and prospects on a regular basis. This particular webinar will address each of these particular issues and challenges.

Avaya CMS challenge: web reporting module is difficult to use

The biggest challenge that we hear from Avaya CMS users is that the web reporting module is difficult to use and requires a strong understanding of the CMS and significant time to set up and create.

Typically, we come across organisations that have CMS super users that are able to create reports, but the majority of agents, supervisors and managers simply are unable to use it and have to rely on those few super users to modify, run or create reports – causing significant problems when you want to monitor and optimise the performance in that call centre.

NetLert has designed N-Focus Plus to be as easy to use and navigate as possible with an intuitive user interface which lets any authorised user to quickly create, run and distribute permission based reports using Avaya CMS data.

Avaya CMS challenge: CMS was not designed originally for mobile access

As Avaya CMS was designed as a client server application, the web-reporting module was originally intended primarily for desktop use and not 100% web-based and mobile access. As the demand for mobile access increased, Avaya’s answer to the problem was to create a web supervisor module, enabling the creation and broadcast of web-based reports.

If you’ve ever opened the manual for this particular module, you’ll know how complicated it is to implement.

To use the module requires a very strong background in CMS and some development skills – and even when the reports are created they are limited to supervisors who can access them and modify and you can’t create reports from the web.

In contrast, N-Focus Plus has been designed ‘mobile first’ to be a 100% web-based reporting tool that is very easy to use. Typically, N-Focus Plus users can be up and running with reporting within an hour.

Avaya CMS challenge: difficult to set up reports for automatic distribution

For your historical call centre data, once you’ve created your reports you still need to get them to the right people at the right time.

And the bad news is that CMS does not make this very easy. Typically in CMS, once a report has been created and run, a user needs to export the data in Excel format and email it manually to those people that need a copy.

N-Focus Plus, in contrast, makes is easy to schedule automatic report distribution for any report, to anyone who needs it in either Excel or PDF format.

Avaya CMS challenge: reporting across multiple CMS servers

For many larger organisations, the ability to report across multiple CMS servers in one report becomes increasingly important. Decisions makers in those organisations need to be able to see how each of their call centres is performing quickly and easily.

In N-Focus Plus you can easily create and run a single report that enables users to see real-time and historical data across all CMS servers in one click. You can keep historical data across these servers – with absolutely no restrictions (in contrast to the 60-days with CMS).

Avaya CMS challenge: giving unlimited access to call centre performance data

One simple and powerful way of increasing the value of your Avaya CMS call centre is giving the ability for more users to have access to data right across the organisation so that key business decisions do not get delayed.

With N-Focus Plus, unlimited users are able to access data with specific permissions and privileges associated with each user, or group of users. This can help ensure that all decision makers get access to the data that enables the whole call centre function efficiently and effectively.

Avaya CMS challenge: limited display options

As you’ll probably be already aware, the options available for displaying report data across multiple devices is limited with Avaya CMS.

However, with N-Focus Plus displaying data can be as simple as sharing a web link meaning they can displayed on any web-enabled device – from smartphone, tablet, laptop, PC, support website to wallboards.

To access the webinar, including a comprehensive demonstration of N-Focus Plus, you can register for a recording of the webinar to instantly improve your call centre reporting.

If you would you like a personal demonstration of N-Focus Plus, or N-Focus please get in touch.