Highlights of the Upcoming Common Virtual Conference

COMMON, the international professional association for IBM i technology users, are bringing the exciting and educational atmosphere of their live events online, in the Common Virtual Conference.

Taking place over two days (12-13 December) IBM i professionals across the world can join the virtual conference for free.

After registering, virtual delegates are encouraged to join the sessions live, to enjoy the full benefit of Q&As and discussions in real time, but all registrants will be able to access the session recordings for 30 days after the conference - so you can attend and learn at your own pace.

The sessions cover topics from big data to security and from strategic planning to upcoming trends. You can see the full timetable for both days here, but these are the sessions we're most excited about:

  • IBM i Talks to Watson, Tuesday 12th December, 08:30-09:30 with Scott Forstie, Doug Mack and Tim Rowe

    With five speakers from IBM, this session dives into the link between the IBM i and Watson technology. The session will give an overview of what Watson actually is, explain why and how Watson could be useful to your business, and show you the technological options for how your IBM i data can be connected directly into Watson.

  • IT Strategy and Roadmap Planning with an IBM Champion, Wednesday 13th December, 11:00-12:00 with Trevor Perry

    Trevor Perry, with our partners Fresche Solutions, uses his years of experience and expertise in IBM i development and modernisation field, to lead this session. He'll show you how to use IT Strategy and roadmap planning to move your business forward with the IBM i, as well as walking you through some real-world customer examples of roadmaps and strategies.

  • What's New in Db2 for i, Wednesday 13th December, 10:00-11:00 with Scott Forstie

    This session covers the enhancements, similar to previous Technology Refreshes (TR), delivered by the IBM database team. Through the course of the session, IBM's Scott Forstie will walk you through the enhancements to the Db2 for i capabilities which have been added to IBM i 7.2 and 7.3, including enhancements to SQL on i, SQL Query Engine and IBM i Services.

  • Leveraging RPG Skills for Web and Mobile Application Development, Wednesday 13th December, 13:00-14:00 with Mike Pavlak and Chelsea Fenton

    Fresche Solutions' PHP on the IBM i guru, Mike Pavlak and Chelsea Fenton are leading this session, which uses case-studies of businesses using web services to deliver content to a browser-based application hosted on the IBM i to showcase some of the modernisation options available to you. The session shows you how you can leverage your existing ERP system, with the unique skills and knowledge of your RPG developers, to develop modern, browser based, mobile interfaces.

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