Getting the most from your Avaya call centre

If you are responsible for managing a call or contact centre, or for managing a team within that centre, then you will know how important it is to access critical data on the performance of your centre and agents. Both in real-time and historically.

Avaya Call Centre reporting and performance analysis tools such as N-Focus and N-Focus Plus provide a web-based mechanism to extract that data from your call centre activities. Having this data easily accessible by you and your agents will help answer those all important questions about how your centre or team is performing against key performance indicators, such as:

  • Who were your best agents today, yesterday, last week, or over the last month?
  • Is the call centre over or understaffed?
  • Who is the most productive agent?
  • Where are the pinch points in my call centre operations?

NetLert has produced a number of videos that you might find useful to answer these questions:

Web-based Avaya call centre reporting

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