The Benefits of Manufacturing ERP for the Plastics Sector

The plastics manufacturing industry has changed dramatically in recent years.

Increasingly globalised operations and technological advancements have led to more innovations than ever. The introduction of smarter and smarter robotics and automation in the manufacturing process is bringing us closer to the 'Internet of Things' revolution. As the industry becomes more advanced, our processes must take steps to keep up.

In other words, having a reliable, scalable Manufacturing ERP for the plastics sector is essential, for manufacturers to continue to operate lean, profitable and collaborative organisations.

IQMS offers manufacturers in the plastics and medical plastics sector a single database system, with a modular architecture, allowing manufacturers to customise the software with industry-specific modules.

IQMS' EnterpriseIQ brings enterprise resource planning (ERP), coupled with an industry leading manufacturing execution system (MES) software, designed specifically for the manufacturing industry, streamlining resources to save time and money in plastics manufacturing operations.

Benefits of Manufacturing ERP for the Plastics Sector

  • Reduce EDI Costs

    Some plastics manufacturers have reduced EDI costs by up to 90%. By streamlining various manufacturing processes into a single database, information is easier to find, and quickly distribute to whoever needs it.

  • Save Warehouse Space

    Space in the warehouse can be saved with EnterpriseIQ - as much as 25%. With functionality to manage sales, orders and distribution, and have more control over the shopfloor, your operations can become much leaner and space can be saved in the warehouse.

  • Keep Deliveries On-Time

    With IQMS' EnterpriseIQ, over 99% of deliveries to customers are on-time, thanks to modules managing the supply chain, and the sales, order and distribution of the plastics you manufacture.

  • Reduce End-of-Month Time

    Time spent on end-of-month financial management tasks can be reduced by up to 75%.

  • Increase Efficiency

    With the advanced features and functionality of EnterpriseIQ, the overall efficiency of plastics manufacturing plants can be increased by up to 75%. With the option to add and remove modules as needed, it is easy to scale the software to the needs of your operation.

  • Reduce Multiple Software Support Contract Costs

    EnterpriseIQ can significantly reduce the cost of software support contracts (by up to 70%), by reducing or eliminating the need for multiple contracts. The software covers all aspects of the process of Manufacturing ERP for the plastics sector, in a single, modular solution.

The plastics manufacturing industry in the UK, and worldwide, is growing at a rate of knots, and innovations are cropping up at every turn.

We're looking forward to some of the upcoming events, showcasing the advancement of the industry. With events showcasing plastics manufacturing industries from automotive to medical, and innovations in every facet of plastics manufacturing, here are some of the events we're looking forward to hearing more about this year.

Top Events For the Plastics Manufacturing Industry in 2017

  • InterPlas

    26 - 28 September 2017, NEC Birmingham, UK Interplas is one of the most highly anticipated plastics events in our calendar this year - with three days of innovations from manufacturing processes to technologies and services, you can catch us on Stand H18.

  • PDM Plastics Event 2017

    21 - 22 June, EventCity Manchester, UK Since its' inception in 2005, the PDM Plastics Event has brought together plastics industry professionals across manufacturing, design and engineering sectors, to share knowledge and innovation.

  • IdentiPlast

    22 - 23 February, Halle E, Vienna, Germany IdentiPlast brings forth innovations in the collection, sorting and recycling of plastics across the industry, including highlighting the best practices for waste management in the plastic manufacturing process.

  • The Medical Plastics Conference

    7 - 8 March, Courtyard Marriott Brussels, Belgium The Medical Plastics Conference brings together engineers, scientists and business leaders involved in the medical plastics industry, to dabate the key issues around technological advances in the field of medical polymers.

  • The Global Plastics Summit 2017

    11 - 13 October, Radisson Blu Chicago, US The Global Plastic Summit brings people together from across the plastics manufacturing supply chain, to share insights, analysis and predictions on the future of the worldwide plastics industry.

British Plastics Federation

We're pleased to announce our membership of the British Plastics Association - the federation representing over 500 members across the plastics supply chain, addressing industry-wide concerns, and guiding and regulating the industry. See your member profile here.

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