NEW BCD Webinar: How to Generate Revenue with IBM i Web and Mobile Applications

Our partners at BCD HQ are delivering a brand new, value-driven webinar this week, from Tim Rowe, Business Architect for Application Development at IBM and Marcel Sarrasin, VP of Corporate Marketing and Business Development at Fresche.

Are you getting the top value from your IBM i? Undoubtedly it holds valuable data and runs mission-critical applications, but this BCD webinar will show you how to give your IBM i a more strategic role, using web and mobile applications to generate revenue.

During the webinar, Tim Rowe and Marcel Sarrasin will discuss:

  • The ongoing strategic role your IBM i will take for your organisation, both today and in the future.
  • The commitment IBM exhibits towards modern technologies and the IBM i
  • Real-life examples of some of the ways that innovative organisations have found to generate revenue with their IBM i, from expansion into new markets to implementing customer-facing order entry and management.

The webinar will also introduce you to the services and solutions from BCD and Fresche which will make it faster and easier for you to create these applications yourself.

The webinar looks set to give some great advice and be of real assistance to anyone who wants to learn how to generate revenue with web and mobile applications on the IBM i. You can register for the webinar here, where you will also be able to access the replay on demand, after the webinar has taken place.

More helpful webinars and useful tutorial videos, to help you develop web and mobile applications on the IBM i, can be accessed here. These include additional webinars from our partners at Fresche, guiding you through the use of some of the award-winning IBM i development, modernisation and mobilisation solutions and products from BCD, Quadrant and Fresche.