New videos from BCD Software take you from green screen to web and mobile GUI in 10 minutes

This post first appeared here on BCDSoftware.co.uk.

Our partners at BCD and Fresche have released a new video series, giving you a step-by-step guide to enhancing screens without HTML experience, using Presto. Watching these videos will show you exactly how you can use Presto to modernise IBM i green screens, in under ten minutes.

You can access both webinars on demand here, and catch even more useful webinars here.

Video 1: Green Screen to Web GUI: Instant Results

This first video demonstrates the immediacy of Presto. Presto gives you a head start in modernising your green screens on the IBM i (AS/400) to a modern web GUI. Presto instantly gives your screens a modern web GUI that is accessible from both desktops and mobile devices.

Video 2: How to add new functionality to Presto-modernised green screens

This video presents a 10-minute tutorial, teaching you how to add new functionality, using Presto’s Visual Editor, including speeding up data entry, improving workflows and visually representing information.

Why Presto?

One of the key pressures on IBM i programmers today is the lack of resources: programmers are expected to achieve quick results, even when undertaking modernisation projects that consist of hundreds, or thousands, of screens. Presto uses your existing skills and maximises the value of proven RPG programs, to offer the fastest results.

These videos are just the tip of the iceberg, giving you Presto’s out-of-the-box results for modernising your IBM i (AS/400) green screens to web-based GUI and adding new functionality using Presto’s Visual Editor.

You can access both webinars on demand here, and catch even more useful webinars here.

Request a free trial or demo of Presto here, to find out more about using Presto to modernise your existing green screens, giving them a modern web-based GUI which is accessible from desktops and mobile devices, and adding new functionality to GUI and existing RPG programs.